• Welcome to the Trinity Online Learning Center Annex

      Trinity Online Learning Center

    • First Time Here?

      If you are a Trinity student and this is your first time here, you'll need to create an account. You can click here to create a new account. If you are a registered student and you need an enrollment key and link to access a course, you can do so here.

      Students will have access to the TOLC, Student Records and the Harold F. Hunter Library as long as they are in activate/current status.  Student financial accounts must be in current status to have continued access to the TOLC/Library. Once a student has graduated, they will no longer have access to the TOLC, Student Records or the Harold F. Hunter Library (unless the student is enrolling in another Trinity degree program).  Access to the Regular Excel Scholars Package and/or the Premium Excel Scholars Package, and the EBSCO / ATLA Databases will also no longer be available after a student graduates.

    • Registering for On Demand Webinars

      You can find the schedule of On Demand Webinar classes here:

      Webinar-Schedule.pdf (trinitysem.edu)

      Registered students can sign up for all of their courses at once, or schedule them one at a time. You can call the school and speak to an advisor, and let them know what courses you're ready to schedule. You can call M-F, any time between 8-5, CST. Or, to make it easier, wee have an online form that you can fill out and schedule your classes:

      Webinar Enrollment Request Form - Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary (trinitysem.edu)

      Once you've filled out the form (you'll fill it out once for each course you schedule), within the next working day or two, you'll get an email, similar to the one you got for the tutorial, that has a link to the classroom, and a passkey that unlocks the classroom. From that point, just follow the instructions as you find them in the classroom.

    • Student Records

      The Trinity Online Learning Center is only a delivery system for information. Students send and receive assignments, classmates communicate with each other and faculty, assessments are given. All official grades and transcripts are kept within our Student Records system. This is the official record of your academic work at Trinity. All students are encouraged to set up access to their student records, and be familiar with its contents. For more information on setting up Student Records, click here.

    • Registering to Become a Trinity Student

      If you have not registered at Trinity, and would like to become a part of the online community of Christian Adult Learners that spans the globe, you can apply today to beome a Trinity student. Click here to fill out the application, and one of our enrollment counselors will be in touch soon!